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Goldbond aluminum honeycomb panel is kind of superior Building Decoration Material. It has three layers,the surface and the bottom layers are aluminum alloy sheets. The middle layer is honeycomb structure core material used aluminum foil. It has excellent rigidity and smoothness;It is the best products in metal curtain wall material now. It is widely used in modern building decoration and rail transportation industry.

AHP Products characteristics:
1.Light weight,high strength,rigidity,and structural stability,good wind pressure.
2.Sound insulation,heat insulation,fireproof,quakeproof.
3.Smooth surface,colorful,smooth and elegant,durable.
4.Ornamental,easy and fast installation.

AHP Products specification:
Usually the thickness are 8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,20mm,25mm.Width is not more than 1500mm,the length is not more than 5000mm.The panel shape can be divided into flat shaped,single-curved face,double-curved surface etc.

Aluminum honeycomb panel application:
●curtain wall decoration ●interior wall decoration ●elevator cab ●layout of exhibit hall ●interior decoration of railway train,luminous car ●aviation industry