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GOLDBOND aluminum composite panel
GOLDBOND aluminum composite panel constitutes of the face and rear aluminum sheets and polythene core,the three parts are compounded by hot processing.The core thickness is 1.6-5mm,the largest width is 1575mm,and the length can be produced in customers’ needs.

The front face is coated with roll painting PVDF,aluminum face is covered by peeling off protective film,and the back aluminum sheet is polyester coated for protection purpose.

The peel off strength of our aluminum plastic composite panel is 1.7 times as National Standard,the reason of our achievement is that we adopt International most advanced product technology –co-extrusion,overcoming quality hidden problems caused by the low bond strength of macromolecule film and the bond film corrugation or starved feeding
in joint place,etc. As a result,we solved the customers’ worried quality problem—Low peel off strength.

Dimensions of ACP
Thickness of ACP:2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm.
Thickness of aluminum:0.15mm,0.18mm,0.2mm,0.3mm,0.4mm,0.45mm,0.5mm
Specifications:Standard 1220*2440mm,and we can produce the maximum width 1575mm,and the proposed maximum length 8000mm,but you should consider shipment and transport,etc.

Characteristics of Aluminum plastic composite panel (ACP)
ACP has the PVDF coating,colors diversity,super anti-weathering ability,excellent fire-retardant performance,high peel off strength,light and easy processing ,etc. merits that traditional materials can not be compared with. The ACP overcomes the traditional materials’ easy corrosive and moldy defaults,visibly,it is quite widely used in every areas,though it has only 10 years development history.

Excellent anti-weathering
Excellent wall ACP adopts 70% PVDF roll painting in advance,the coating thickness is ≥25um,it has the excellent anti-weathering ability, corrosion-resistant,pollution-resistant and ultraviolet resistant etc.

Light weighted
ACP adopts the combination of aluminum alloy and plastic,its weight is lighter than stone materials,glass and aluminum sheet.

Easy processing
ACP is easy to cut,to groove,to punch or to bend. Engineers can best use these advantages to design kinds of unique to satisfy customer’s different needs and site operation.

Outstanding fire-retardant performance
The ACP faces are both aluminum sheets and the material is fireproof material,so it can get the best fire-resistant characteristic.

Our ACP is a continuous compositing material,the compositing technique of aluminum sheets and polythene core adopts the advanced co-extrusion skill,the bonding material adopts BYNEL®of American DUPONT, the final goods have the predominant smooth performances.

The surface of ACP has color diversity,to satisfy customer,the designer designs unique type to realize the ideal decorative effect.

Environment friendly Performance
Our aluminum sheets and polythene core are all non-toxic materials;So ACP is an environment friendly material.

ACP Applications
External wall decoration for enterprises and institutions
External wall decoration for factories
External wall decoration for hospitals and schools
External wall decoration for residential buildings
Curtain wall decoration for airports,stations,docks,ferries and other buildings
Decorations for toll station of expressways and stations
External wall decoration for theatres,Gymnasium,entertainment centers
Shop’s face-lift and old buildings renewing projects
Advertisement board and destination board
Internal decoration for rail car,advanced bus and oil tanker
Wainscot decoration for automobile exhibition rooms,exhibition building and convention centers
Internal furnish for boardrooms,offices and corridors
Decoration for kitchen,cabinets,washrooms and drawing rooms