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GOLDBOND aluminum composite panel constitutes of the face and rear aluminum sheets and polythene core,the three parts are compounded by hot processing.The core thickness is 1.6-5mm,the largest width is 1575mm,and the length can be produced in customers’needs.
Aluminum composite panel is a revolutionary and versatile new decorative building material widely used in interior and exteriors of buildings as curtain walls, paneling and cladding applications.
Aluminum composite panel and aluminum composite material are available in wide range of attractive and aesthetic standard RAL COLORS(30), wood, marble, granite ,stone, mirror, brush finish and other special patterns both in high gloss and matte.
Aluminum composite panel and aluminum composite material are easily folded, curved, shaped, punched and drilled using conventional tools and equipments used in wood and metal fabrications.
aluminum composite material is made of aluminum and aluminum composite material, aluminum composite material not only maintains the good performance of the original aluminum, aluminum alloy but also greatly improved the performance of the original number of restricted, especially to improve the modulus, Wear resistance and low thermal expansion.
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